Austin Koontz

Austin Koontz

Research Consultant

Hoban Conservation Lab


I’m a Research Consultant for the Hoban Conservation Lab. Using population genetic data, I work with other members of the lab and folks from different botanic gardens and arboreta to inform the conservation of rare plant species.

Currently, I’m working on a project seeking to measure the correlation between geographic and genetic metrics of ex situ collection breadth. This is part of an IMLS grant which seeks to improve how botanic gardens utilize genetic data. I’m also conducting genetic analyses on red oaks distributed across Texas.

I received my Master’s of Science degree at Utah State University, where I worked in the Pearse Lab and the Wolf Lab. More information about the research I did in each of these labs can also be found below.

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  • Conservation Genetics
  • Plant Population Genetics
  • Long-distance bike touring
  • MSc in Biology/Ecology, 2020

    Utah State University

  • BSc in Neuroscience, 2014

    University of Nevada, Reno


Research Consultant
Nov 2023 – Present Eugene, OR
I’m currently a Research Consultant for the Hoban Lab, where I continue to support the projects I worked on in my prior role as a Research Assistant with the Morton Arboretum. I also collaborate with researchers at other botanic gardens and arboreta, and serve as the system administrator for the Hoban Lab Linux server.
Morton Arboretum
Research Assistant II
Jul 2021 – Oct 2023 Lisle, IL
In my previous role with the Morton Arboretum, I conducted genetic analyses for projects focused on the conservation and management of rare trees, both in wild (in situ) and garden (ex situ) scenarios.
Hamilton Robotics
Applications Specialist
Jan 2015 – May 2018 Reno, NV
As an Applications Specialist, I wrote and supported method scripts for customers in the OEM setting and internally, for standardized laboratory protocols. I served as the primary application resource for customers from product development to launch, and worked with hardware and software engineers to design automation solutions.



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